To Forget Lost Love
     A cool song, the only one fitting the "definition" of an image song. It has kind of an elevator music feel, but Shinohara Emi makes it a wonderful song, with beautiful lyrics and a GREAT voice! The best of Mako-chan's songs, eventhough they are all great. I recommend it. The R Maidens' Poem Collection, or the Vocal Collection #1.

We Believe You
     An action song really. When it first starts, I can imagine Harrison Ford diving among cars or something to escape gunfire! REALLY! It's got a catchy beat, and is fun to sing along with. This one is my least favourite. Um, I only know that it is on disc 4 of the Memorial Song Box, but it's a Stars song, so it has to be on one of those Cds, ne? ^_-.

Kissing in the Starlight
     It sounds almost arcade-like. Her voice is kinda funny here, but it's still cool. Nice tempo and upbeat. This has to be my third favourite of her songs. Ironically, it's the first Japanese song I ever downloaded, and I had NO CLUE whose it was, and I loved it. When I found out Mako-chan sang it, I was literally overjoyed! It is on Vocal Collection #1 and Disc 3 of the Memorial Song Box, that I know of, but it should be on others. I'll get back to you! ^_- .

It's Not Your Fault
     I love this song. The sax in it is incredible, even my dad liked it(which is saying something ^_^). It's like a jazz song, and her voice just kinda drizzles it out. My mom was driving and she almost fell asleep listening to it, it is SO soothing. I think this is the Japanese Rainy Day Man sequence song, but I'm not sure. This is my second favourite. It's on Memorial Song Box Disc 2, and I don't know about any others. Try Ai wa Doko Aruno or In Another Dream, maybe. Or you can spend over $100 on the Song Box like me! ^_-.

Sailor Stars Poem
     I'm not one much for poems, too long and slow if you ask me, but the words are pretty, and they're relaxing. And Mako-chan's voice is pretty. I just LOVE Shinohara Emi. ^_-.

Sailor Stars Prologue
     Again, too slow, but I enjoy it, when I need to settle down(like that ever happens). ^_-.

Sailormoon R Monologue
     Slow, pretty, etcetera. But great! Like everything of Mako-chan's. Ne?! ^_-.

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