WARNING: This is mainly a rant, so turn back if you don't want to hear it, but a friend said I made an interesting argument! ^^
     I've been meaning to get this page up for awhile now, and a debate with Meimi-chan finally brought it about.
     Mainly, the question was: Which senshi is Mako-chan most like and vice-versa. I was deciding between Haruka-san and Hotaru-chan, but if you don't agree, feel free to e-mail me, and I'll post your opinion. ^^
     Being a Hotaru fan and not too fond of Mako-chan, Meimi-chan immediately said Haruka-san, also because of the obvious reasons, and that is height and physical strength. I was leaning towards Hotaru-chan, though, and so I enlightened her. ^^
     First, I'm not talking ONLY physical strength and height. If I were, then there would be no question.
     Hotaru-chan and Mako-chan were both condemned by their classmates for characteristics not entirely their fault. Hotaru-chan was excluded for her healing powers(a strength in itself), and Mako-chan's unnatural height and physical strength.
     Then there is how powerful as a senshi they both are. Saturn is obviously one of the most powerful, second only to Moon, or even Pluto. After all, she can destroy the world. I'm not going to launch into the controversy that "Oh, Pluto is more powerful, because eventhough Saturn can destroy the world, Pluto can stop time while she does it, etc." That's for some other page to do, like a Saturn shrine or a Pluto shrine. ^^ Jupiter is the most powerful Inner Senshi(as far as I'm concerned), immediately after Saturn or Pluto. Uranus only beat Jupiter that one time in S because Jupiter was still weak from having her heart crystal taken(manga excluded). Who was the senshi that destroyed the daimon by herself? Not Uranus. And who is always the first to die? You have to get rid of the most powerful first, ne? In the S movie, Venus and Uranus were both flung into the wall without destroying a Snow Dancer, and without using a power, she destroyed one. Jupiter just smashed one with her fist! And in Sailor Stars, she took a LOT of hits from Neherenia in order to protect Usagi. Yes, I know, Uranus stepped in front of Mercury, but for a "strong" senshi, she sure waited a while for a "weaker" senshi to set an example.
     Leadership, the main point of our argument: Mako-chan shows it right off the bat, agreeing that Usagi-chan should stay leader as opposed to Rei-chan, when she was new to the team, and didn't really know the other girls. She still expressed her opinion. She offered to donate her blood for Shinozaki Ken-kun as soon as she found out about the blood type needed. In S, she took it upon herself to try harder, in order to work up to the Outers' "strength". In Stars, Hotaru-chan united all the Inners and Outers to do Silence Glaive Apply, showing true leadership for someone who was a senshi only twice. I know of no event when Haruka-san did show leadership(and NO, I don't count the time when Neptune and Uranus attacked Galaxia, she'd already slapped Usagi-chan). Meimi-chan pointed out that Uranus stepped in front of Mercury to take Neherenia's attack, but that was AFTER Mercury had taken it for about 5 minutes, proving that Mercury is not the weakest senshi, contrary to popular belief, but that she is one of the strongest.
     Admiration: Both Mako-chan and Hotaru-chan both admire Haruka-san and Michiru-san, in different ways, but I don't think Haruka-san really admires anyone but Ami(for Stars), and maybe Michiru-san, but that's not really admiration, in the sense I'm talking about. Haruka-san doesn't respect Usagi-chan in my opinion, she just thinks that she has too big a heart.
     Ironically enough, both Mako-chan and Hotaru-chan were first approached and befriended by the Usagis. Mako-chan shared her bento with Usagi-chan in her first appearance, eventhough she already had a reputation for being a "karate maniac". And Chibi-Usa lost her hat, which Hotaru-chan stopped from flying away, and she healed Chibi-Usa's skinned knee.
     Chibi-Usa is friends with both Mako-chan and Hotaru-chan, eventhough she looks up to Mako-chan more, especially in the manga. I've never seen Haruka-san carry on a real conversation with the Chibi-Spore(not that I can blame her, but hey ^^).
     Haruka-san doesn't seem to want anyone's love and care but Michiru-san's, and flings Usagi-chan's back in her face. Yet that is what Mako-chan and Hotaru-chan crave the most. Acceptance. Love. Mako-chan wants to marry and own a shop with her Mr. Right. She also wanted her senpai to love her, and her face was just so sweet, when Usagi-chan approached her. Because Mako-chan is able to love so much, she puts her life on the line to protect those dear to her, without thinking of the consequences. Hence, another reason why she is always the first to die. That could also be because she isn't sure she could take the others dying in front of her, since she loves them so much. And Hotaru-chan wants love since she was shunned and by becoming a nurse, and healing people, she gets their love. She showed that she could love when she pleaded with the senshi to leave her in that dream place and to take a hurt Chibi-Usa out.
     And so ends THIS rant! I told you! Personally, I think my arguments are pretty valid, but I haven't seen all of Stars, or ANY of SuperS, so I don't know about any events that happened in what I haven't seen. If you agree or disagree, e-mail me with your arguments as to why I'm right/wrong. I'd appreciate another view. And remember people, this is my opinion. I'm making more senshi similarity sites later, but for now, this is my opinion. When I see more, I may change it, I may not. DEAL! You can't change my opinion! Ja mata ne! ^^

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