The infamous statement proclaiming Mako-chan's *talent*

"She's the kind of person who will sacrifice herself for others. We all love Usagi. Did you ever have any friends like that?"
          -Sailorjupiter in episode 171 of Sailor Stars
          Ai Yueni! Hateshinaki Makai no Tatakai

"I think love can have many forms."
          -Mako-chan to Seijuurou in episode 55 of SMR
          Tsukikage ha Seijuurou? Moeru Mako-chan

"I...My heart was broken by an older boy I loved... Staying at my old school became so hard. The guy from the game center... Furuhata o-nii-san... He looks a little like the boy who broke my heart. But... The reason I transferred schools was because I somehow got the feeling I had to... The wind brought me here. Instead of love, a much more important thing is waiting for me here. Somebody whispered that to me..."
          -Sailorjupiter to herself and everyone
          Act 5 in SM manga 1 entitled Makoto/Sailorjupiter

"Hey, Usagi...Now you're really...'Tsuki' no Usagi."........"Oops. Bad joke, huh?"
          -Sailorjupiter to Sailormoon when on the moon
          Act 10 in SM manga 3 entitled Moon/Tsuki

"The Moon Castle, standing on the moon's Sea of Serenity... It was once a beautiful crystal palace. Our kingdom... Long ago, the moon was not such a lonely, dark planet. It shined more whitely... Was it changed into a planet of death by the enemies?"
          -Mako-chan at Ami-chan's house
          Act 11 in SM manga 3 entitled Reunion/Endymion

"That Usagi-chan...This is what happens when we talk about hard things. And there's the thing with Tuxedo Kamen... And going to the moon and meeting the mother from her previous life, the queen... She must be worn out."
          -Mako-chan at Ami-chan's house
          Act 11 in SM manga 3 entitled Reunion/Endymion

"Someday if you have someone you can treasure that much, you'll understand. Those are your friends... The people you love..."
          -Mako-chan to Asanuma-kun
          Act 16 from SM manga 4 entitled Black Moon Petz/Sailor Jupiter

"My heart's softening...What was I coming here to do... I'm so tired... Fighting is absurd... I want to stay here forever... It's my dream. To spend a carefree lifetime in a rose garden, with someone I love..."
          -Mako-chan to Tellu & herself in SMS
          Act 31 from SM manga 9 entitled Infinity 8: Infinite Labyrinth 1

Minako: Uh-nice to meet you!
Rei: Uh-hello!
Ami: I'm glad--to see you
Mako: Thank you!
Rei: Mako-chan, I don't think that's right...
Mako: Uh, yah, sorry!
          -Inner Senshi trying to speak English..Mako-chan is SO funny!
          SMS episode 108 Usagi no Dance wa Waltz ni Notte

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