Real Name: Kino Makoto
Meaning: Wisdom of the Trees or Sincerity of Wood
Seiyuu: Shinohara Emi(ko)
Birthday: December 5
Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type: O positive
Hair: Chestnut
Eyes: Dark green
Fave Flower: Sasanquas
Fave Food: Meat Loaf and Cherry Pie
Fave Subject: Home Economics
Fave Color(s): Green and Sugar Pink
Least Fave Subject: Physics
Strong Points: Cooking and Bargain-hunting
Fears: Airplanes
Career Plans: Owning a string of restaurants and becoming a bride
Senshi of: Protection(not thunder)
Kino Makoto: The Person
     Kino Makoto is an honest, big sister type. She's very caring, and is the one that the others turn to when they need advice(i.e.the Chibi Spore) or just when they need a listener. However, this side only shows around the people who are confident enough to approach her, and since not many are, she earns the reputation of being, basically, a martial arts psychopath.

     A reason she earns that reputation is because she's rebellious at school(okay, so she doesn't do it on PURPOSE, what does that matter? ^_-). Her hair, thought to be a perm(in the manga), is naturally curly though, for all you wondering out there, and the reason she has a different school uniform, is she was to tall for her new one, so she wears her old one(only in the junior high). I do have a problem with that though. I mean, the FAQ says she is 5'6, and eventhough Japanese people are relatively short(I hope that didn't sound racist), the school uniform would still fit someone who is 5'6! I mean, I'm 5'6 and I fit my school uniform! I could understand if she was 5'9 or something, but 5'6? REALLY! But that was what Naoko-sama says, so *shrugs*. Also, she possesses phenomenal strength, though not superhuman, like Naoko-sama originally planned, this shown in her beating up the three punks in the anime, and catching the baseball, saving Usagi-chan, then throwing it a very long way(in the background, the boy says WOW) in the manga.

     There are a few differences between the manga and the anime: her entrance. In the anime, Usagi-chan runs into 3 punks who threaten her, and Mako-chan saves her. In fact, she kicks the guys a**! WHOOHOO! GO MAKO-CHAN! *begins to dance, then stops sheepishly*. In the manga though, Usagi-chan is concentrating on something and doesn't watch where she's going, so she walks into the path of an oncoming car. First you see a pic of Mako-chan's running black flats, and then she dives into the street and pushes Usagi-chan out of the way.
     Despite her physical strength and courage, Mako-chan wants to be known for her femininity. Since senpai told her she was too masculine, she often thinks of herself that way, despite the reassurances of Usagi-chan that she is very feminine. She takes up cooking and gardening in an effort to prove to others and herself that she is indeed feminine. Mako-chan is actually frail, easily shattered with a cruel word although she does her best to hide her pain. She has no parents as they died in a plane crash(hence her fear of planes) and she wants to love and be loved as she never was as a young girl. But she is not sure she is capable of that. Her goal in life is to marry her Mr. Right and have a family, then or before, own a flower and cake shop. In the anime, it's to run a chain of restaurants. Kino Makoto is all-in-all, a living paradox.

Sailorjupiter: Senshi of Protection
     As a senshi, Jupiter is the actor not the thinker. When one of her friends is in danger, she is too preoccupied(another word is um, pissed) to think about her actions, resulting in her being one of the strongest senshi. Her friends mean more to her than her own life.
    &nsbp;Sailorjupiter is obviously one of the most powerful senshi. Why is she always the first to die? Not because she's weak, no! It's because if the enemy actually wants a chance at beating the senshi, they have to get rid of the strongest first! How else do they beat the weaker ones? So they put her friends in compromising positions that could result in their death, and since Jupiter is so caring, she rescues them, risking her own life. Also, who destroyed two youma in "Sailor Senshi Shisu! Hisou Naru Saishuusen!" hmmmm? It wasn't Mercury, it wasn't Venus. Yes, one was Mars, hence the little debate over who's the most powerful between the two of them. The other was Jupiter and she died first saving our gullible caring Sailormoon. And who was it who destroyed the daimon in Sailormoon S "Power ga Hoshii! Mako-chan no Mayoi Michi" BY HERSELF? JUPITER JUPITER JUPITER! ^_^
     Her attacks are extremely powerful, having the ability to disable a youma/daimon/lemure and her transformation is cool beans too. For all you newbies, here's the list with a description:
Jupiter Power Make-Up-This is said in the the first and second season to transform into Sailorjupiter. The henshin stick has a gold circle with the sign of Jupiter on it.
Supreme Thunder-Using an atennae that rises out of her tiara as a conductor, she gathers electricity and fires it at her opponent. She uses this attack in the first season and second season, and two youma in the second to last episode in the first season are destroyed by her.
Supreme Thunder Dragon-Basically the same as Supreme Thunder, only the lightning takes the shape of a kick @$$ dragon and swallows the youma. It is used ONCE in the second season. *raspberry*
Jupiter Star Power Make-Up-Mako-chan says this in the second, third, and fourth season to transform. The transformation is still the same but the henshin stick gets a star with the sign of Jupiter on it.
Sparkling Wide Pressure-She does a bunch of intricate moves that I don't have the vocabulary to describe concisely, gathering a ball of electricity between her hands. Then she throws the electricity like a baseball. Used in the second, third, and fourth season.
Jupiter Crystal Power Make-Up-Again, her transformation doesn't change, but the henshin stick does. It's a green handle and a clear ball-looking thing appears on it. Inside the ball is the sign of Jupiter surrounded by a chain of leaves. It begins to spin and she transforms. Used in the fourth and fifth season.
Jupiter Oak Evolution-She throws her hand to the side and the sign of Jupiter is on it. Lightning pours out, and she begins to spin, looking like she's ice skating. Leaves/Orbs are thrown out in all directions. Used in the fourth and fifth season.
Flower Hurricane-Strictly a manga attack, she forms, ironically enough, a hurricane of flowers. Hence the name. Uh, ya think?
Jupiter Coconut Cyclone-Strictly a manga attack also, I've never seen her use it, but I'm guessing it's the manga form of Jupiter Oak Evolution. BUT she also uses Jupiter Oak Evolution in the manga, so *shrug*. More info later.

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