Plagiarize and you'll get this look from Mako-chan...NOT a good thing, let me tell you
Image Policy

Okay, peoples! Time for the DREADED policy on taking IMAGES.......TAKE AS MANY AS YOU LIKE!
Since I'm a member of the Free the Images campaign(not to mention half of these pics came off of other pages), they aren't mine to keep from you! Well, I couldn't stop you even if I wasn't a part of the Free the Images campaign *grin*.
HOWEVER(we all know this was coming), please don't take the backgrounds and banners, etc. I worked HARD! ONEGAI, MINNA! If you would like to use one(or a few) though, please e-mail me, asking permission. And if you could include what you would like to use it for, that would definitely help your chances!
Well, that is about it! The policy is done with(see that wasn't so bad)!
Oh yeah, before I forget, could you give me a little credit. AND REMEMBER, you MIGHT want to use the people on my credits page, just so you don't get into trouble, because most of the pics aren't mine. BUT I did ask(on the ones that needed permission).
It's done! I SWEAR ON KINO MAKOTO(okay, THAT is going a little far)! Now, GO VISIT THE OTHER PARTS OF tHE SHRINE, HUH?! Geez, some people have to be told EVERYTHING! Just kidding, promise!

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