Oh yeah, controversy time! ^_- My favourite!

     Kino Makoto, Wisdom of the Trees, Sincerity of Wood. Whatever it means, here's my stand: Looking at the kanji of her name, found in credits and other places, I PERSONALLY(my opinion, no flames for this onegai) believe it is somewhere along the lines of Sincerity of the Trees. BUT since her first name is always spelled in hiragana, it is hard to tell. The only thing spelled in kanji, that I've seen, is her last name, which "ki" means, duh, basically wood, but so does "moku", I believe, and "ki" is also used for trees(attack: Jupiter Oak Evolution). My beliefs ONLY ^_-. I'm not sure why I think her first name means sincerity, I just think it suits her more than wisdom. Yes, she is wise, which is why all the senshi come to her for advice(the Pink Spore, Rei), however, she HATES cheaters, and is naturally honest, so I just think sincerity is more her.

      So you heard it here...although not necessarily correct. Sincerity of the Trees. Think I'm wrong? Don't agree? GOOD! E-mail me if you don't with an explanation why not, and I'll post it, with or without your name and e-mail address, just specify it in the note. Other input isVERY welcome, just please don't flame me. This is opinion, not necessarily fact. Remember that, k? ^_^

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