1) In the manga, Mako's character prototype smoked and was 17 years old
2) Originally, a characteristic of Mako was supposed to be supersonic speed
3) Her rose earrings are scented in the manga
4) Motoki tried to seduce Mako in her first manga appearance, because he was possessed by Nephrite
5) Mako, as Sailorjupiter, killed Nephrite in the manga with her Flower Hurricane
6) Mako was supposed to be the oldest Inner Senshi, but things turned out so that she was the youngest
7) In the original anime and the manga, the person Mako loved was never mentioned by name, known only as "senpai". In manga 13, jukensensouhen daiichiwa(special 1), entitled Mako-chan no Yoetsu, (meaning Mako's Depression) page 101, "senpai" comes calling, and he is shown with a shadowed face and no distinguishing features, and he brings her a bunch of roses. Kawaii scene!!!!
8) Her favourite flower is NOT the Lily of the Valley; it is the Sasanquas or Japanese Camellia.
9) Her apartment room number is 201
10) She is in Class 6 at Juuban Junior High
11) Her best friend in the manga is Asanuma, who is replaced in the anime with Shinozaki Ken
12) Her dream is actually to be a bride, and have a happy family, then to own a cake and flower shop, in the manga.
13) In the manga, she is more interested in flowers than cooking.
14) She always joins the Botanical Club at school.
15) Her name was originally going to be Chino Mamoru, meaning "Protector of the Brain", or something like that. I'd have to see the kanji first. Another meaning could be "Protector of Earth", but that is what Mamoru-san's name means
16) She is a ballerina
17) At first, she was going to possess ESP
18) She does not like pears
19) In the manga, she had a small pink perfume bottle as a weapon
20) Sailorjupiter had a pink rose chain draped around her hips
21) The original Sailorjupiter had an almost entirely different outfit. She had a helmet, and according to the picture, her outfit was two-piece like Sailor V, etc

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