All bow to the Almighty Seiyuu of Kino Makoto(and others), SHINOHARA EMIKO! WHOOHOO! YEAH! Shinohara Emi is the seiyuu, not only for Kino Makoto, but fo rany others including Presea from MKR, B-ko from A-ko, and Kekkou Kamen from KK. Her birthday is on August 8th, 1963 making her a...Leo? Yeah, a Leo. Like Mako-chan, her blood type is O positive. She works for 81 Produce. Arigatou gozaimasu to Hitoshi Doi-san for this information and the voice roles below. However, the reviews are MINE! ^_- You don't want to take them anyway, do you? Of course not.

AD PoliceVanessa Buck
Adventure in the Otaku GalaxyYun
BB FishKannazuki Sara
BorgmanMisaki Haruka
Crayon Shin-chanSailor Bakaan
Cyber City Oedo 808Masuda Remi
Detective ConanOkatani Noriko
Detonator OrgunYohko
Dream Hunter REMElizabeth
GS MikamiFemale teacher
Hakugei DensetsuSeira
IczelionIczelion from Another Planet
Kekkou KamenKekkou Kamen
Kindaichi Shounen no JikenboSakuragi Ruiko
Kinpatsu no JennyMargaret
Magic Knight RayearthFuaru Presea
Metal Fighter MikuShibano Yohko
Miyuki-chan in WonderlandMad Hatter
Mutant TurtlesApril
Ochame na FutagoWella
OZAndroid 1030
Please Save My EarthMokuren
Project A-koDaitokuji B-ko(debut)
Ruri-iro PrincessMother
Sailor MoonKino Makoto
Sailor MoonKyurene
Sailor MoonJyumor
Vampire Princess MiyuKayo
V GundamMaria Amonias
XKishuu Arashi

Roles I can comment on:


Shinohara Emi played the Iczelion from another planet in the first scene, which was about 5 minutes long(if that). Iczelion is breathless and grasping her side. There is laughter and Cross(BAD GIRL) appears and comments on her skills. Then, Cross orders an attack, and the Iczelion avoids them, accept for getting her arm sliced off. Cross gets angry and says," DIE!" about 5 times, and the Iczelion goes KABOOM! But you hear a really pretty speech about evil will never win, and that other Iczelions throughout the universe will defeat Cross. And the role that Shinohara Emi voices is never to be seen again! *bursts into tears*. MUST SEE!

Magic Knight Rayearth

Shinohara Emi plays Fuaru Presea, Chief Artisan of Cephiro. Presea is funny, pretty, and LOVES to torture people. There is one scene where she catches the Magic Knights(not knowing who they are), and begins to sing. She asks what she should do with them, and last she asks," Should I put you all in a big pot and boil you?", and they ALL go SD. You see the Magic Knights in a big pot, frowning, and Presea gets this little Indian costume, runs back and forth, war-whooping. It is HILARIOUS! Shinohara Emi MAKES the role! ANOTHER MUST SEE!

Project A-ko

Daitokuji B-ko is SO comical! Everything A-ko wants, B-ko wants(A-ko DOES usually get it). Like C-ko! Or Kei! In Plot of the Daitokuji Financial Group, her father steals her mecha, to attack the alien ship, and although B-ko was going to use it to kill A-ko, who is on the alien ship, she yells," HEY! THAT'S MY MECHA!!!" It is just so funny! And there is no real plot, except B-ko and A-ko both hate each other, and both want C-ko. *hold sides from laughing*. PLUS, B-ko is the perfect villain! And naturally, they need the MOST PERFECT seiyuu to do the voice! WHAT A CONCEPT! ^_-

Sailor Moon

Do I REALLY have to explain this?

Vampire Princess Miyu

I really don't know much about this part. All I know is that when the credits were rolling it said "Kayo.........Shinohara Emi", BUT that was just on Episode 2(that I remember), SO I'm guessing that Kayo is one of Miyu's high school friends, that had about 2 lines. HOWEVER, ANY role that Shinohara Emi does is bound to be good, no matter how!

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