*sighs loudly* I knew that this time would come around sometime. *sobs* It wasn't all just me...I must now give credit to all those who have let me use pictures and any other thing that isn't mine. They worked hard, and were very generous. So, here are the people to thank:
Mako-chan will always be eternally grateful to ya!

Jennifer Wand
For all those lovely pictures of Mako-chan, and being a great person! I actually met her at Katsucon 5! Arigatou, Jen-san!

Sailor Grub's page for manga Mako-chan pics, along with some manga facts. NOW DOWN!

The Manga Section
Mako-chan pics(with permission)

Sailormoon Picture Gallery
GORGEOUS pics, that I really love. Arigatou!

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Much information on Shinohara Emi's roles, besides Mako-chan, and all around help on my knowledge of Sailormoon! He must be on everyone's credit list! ^_-

The Witches are Watching You
Arigatou for making good, objective reviews, and pointing out the things that can be improved or dropped. You've helped a great deal.

The Worst Sailormoon Pages on the Web
Again, arigatou for the good reviews, and especially the page tips. I only hope that this page lives up to them, sooner or later!

Here, have a flower for your wonderful generosity Manga Style!
Pics, of course! Arigatou, Michelle-san!

Lyric Moon
Lyrics to Mako-chan's songs/prologue/poem/monologue

Janice's Sailor Moon Page
The link off the main page to the Transparent Gif Shop really. So many INCREDIBLE transparent gifs, the place where I got most of the ones I used on this shrine.

Alex Grover
Translations of Mako-chan's songs/prologue/poem and a couple other things. *wink* Arigatou Alex-san!

Yoshiaki Howgaku
"Wasureru Tameni Koi o Shinaide" the MIDI

And Most Of All:

EVERYTHING! Teaching me HTML codes(well, at least using them on her page, so I can sneak a peek ^_^), helping me with my layout, and challenging me to Claim More Bishounen contest *grin*. For dedicating her really sugoi songfic to me Ma Yonaka Hitori, and for making a member of the Psychotic Authoresses! And for just being my imouto-chan! She's the best(well, all my best friends are..she's just the anime freak one ^_-)!

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