Villainous Mako-chans
First, in Sailormoon R, there is the eldest of the Ayakashi Sisters, Petz(in the NA version, known as Prisma). She is given that staff that makes her ten times more powerful(well, in the it the same in the original?), in the episode where she and Calveras(Avery) are healed by Sailormoon. Petz has power over black lightning, and when she and Sailorjupiter fight, they are equally matched, which is shown in the episode with the charm shop, and Mako-chan and Minako-chan have that pointless argument. She seems to be in almost constant competition with her sisters, most especially Calveras, kind of like Mako-chan and Minako-chan. See the similarities? Petz's voice is done by the infamous Ogata Megumi who has also done, Tenou Haruka from SM(duh!), Ikari Shinji from Evangelion, Emeraude-hime and Eagle Vision from Magic Knights Rayearth, Yuktio(*drool*) from Card Captor Sakura, and Kurama(*sighs dreamily*) from Yu Yu Hakusho.

Next, in Sailormoon S(YEAH! BEST SERIES!), there is Tellu. However, she and Mako-chan don't really go at it in the anime, as she is only around for one episode(CHEAP CHEAP!). Underrated just like Mako-chan. In the manga, she has a bigger role, but as I am unfamiliar with the Infinity manga tankoubons, I don't want to put wrong info down. However, she DOES come into combat with Mako-chan, and, ironically enough, she controls plants(anime also). She holds a love for them like Mako-chan, and she almost defeats Mako-chan by taking the fighting spirit out of her, and producing a dreamworld for her. See shouts. Tellu also wears green, and she kills Mimete once Mimete finally achieves her dream of being on TV. She destroys Mimete's device when, I think, Mimete is inside. Ruthless, too. But she was killed too easily. Her voice was done by Honda Chieko, who has also done Izuna from Jigoku Sensei Nuubee, Ogawa Chikako from Mamono Hunter Yohko, and Kaoru Kozue from Shoujo Kakumei Utena. For more information about her, visit Grapes of Wrath maintained by Jupe. It is an incredibly informative site. Tellu is an upcoming costume of mine.

Lastly, there is JunJun from SuperS, the "green" AQ member. She is extremely tough and doesn't take any crap. A tough cookie as shown by her usual facial expression. As I haven't seen any of SuperS, except the movie, I don't really know what part she plays. In the manga she has a really cool slingshot though! ^^ Since pictures of her by herself are so rare, I figure that she is very underrated, again lke Mako-chan. She first appears in tankoubon 13, and she uses her slingshot to hit the senshi in their human forms on the head. In battle(at least the manga), JunJun attacks first while the others hang back and say a little intro speech. She almost seems to be the leader in the manga, with CereCere a close second. When Saturn and Chibi Moon try and convince them to turn to good, JunJun steps forward to take Saturn's hand, while the others look on uncertainly. Unfortunately, Zirconia chooses that moment to rid him/itself of the AQ. In the anime, her voice is done by Watanabe Kumiko, who has also done Kenta from Kaitou Saint Tail and Beat from Gundam ZZ. As for the anime, go to Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, and read the episode summaries. Speaking of which, that's what I need to do. BTW, JunJun is also an upcoming costume for me.

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