The Basics

     Ruling Planet: Jupiter
     Quality: Mutable
     Triplicity: Fire
     Duality: Masculine, Positive
     First Desire: Liberty
     Day: Thursday
     Body Parts: Hips, thighs, liver
     Foods: Grapefruit, raisins, bulb vegetables
     Animals: Deer, other hunted creatures
     Color: Light blue
     Jewel: Turquoise
     Metal: Tin
     Trees: Lime, birch, oak, pine, cypress
     Flowers: Begonias, dandelion, carnations, camellias
     Magical Number: 4, 6
     House: 9th, the House of Expansion/Journeys/Philosophy
     Symbols: Centaurs, Mare Goddesses, Artemis/Diana, the Archer
     Tarot Card: Knight of Wands
     Key Phrase: "I See"
     Key Characteristics: Enthusiastic, optimistic, philosophical, restless, honest

     And now we're interested in how this relates to Mako-chan and what they mean, right? RIGHT! Obviously, her planet is Jupiter and we all know why...and if you don't, you're an imbecile(newbies excepted, but only if you've seen less than five episodes that don't include Mako-chan ^_-), but for all those who don't know, she is a Sagittarius, and Sagittarius' ruling planet is Jupiter. Not to mention the fact that she is Sailorjupiter. Can you say "duh"?! I knew you could! ^_- Jupiter also pushes it's sign toward new discoveries(hence the discovery of Sailorjupiter maybe), and inserts extreme honesty, to the point of bluntness into the person, explaining Mako-chan's devotion to honesty. However, she often thinks, wrongly, that all people share her integrity. Jupiter urges toward expansion, of all kinds(*wink,wink* TALENT!). With Jupiter's influence, emotions are expressed expansively or extravagantly, postively and negatively respectively(a LOT of -ly's).
     The element of fire says that the person is creative and somewhat self-centered. I'm not sure if self-centered describes Mako-chan, other than her knowledge that she is able to defend herself and her friends and perhaps her..."talent"(gee, does that come up in EVERYTHING? ^_^)., someone enlighten me please. Other than her cooking, but I don't know if that would be considered creative in the literal sense, to some people. But I think it is. ^^ Fire(creativity) combined with mutable(changeable) means the person is restless, outgoing, enthusaistic, optimistic, and philosophical. Mako-chan would be all, with hesitancy around the philosophical trait, however, a yes to this, coming from things she has said in the manga. Obviously, she is restless and outgoing, or she wouldn't have come to Minato-ku in Juuban or transferred schools, eventhough rejection had something to do with it. She says that the wind brought her there though, along with the rejection. Mako-chan wasn't shy when she scolded Usagi-chan, nor when the principal at Juuban scolded her did she look down and nod, but she defended herself. She's enthusiastic(especially when it comes to guy-scoping) and she is the optimist. It didn't bother her when people called her a maniac, called her violent(well maybe it did a little). Eventhough fire signs are rash, acting before thinking, they are spontaneous and courageous. They also have violent tempers, explaining Mako-chan's short fuse and people's fear of her.
     Looking at a Sagittarius' favourite flowers, one is the camellia. Mako-chan's favourite flower is a sasanquas. Sasanquas is a Japanese camellia. See a pattern? If not, Mako-chan fits the favourite flower category. So many flowers in that section could also relate to Mako-chan's interest in the botanical arts ^_-. The related trees also include oak(think Jupiter Oak Evolution). Also, oak from the oak leaves of Raiden.
     The duality says masculine(which is automatically positive: think Yang in YinYang), and eventhough it is true for all Sagittarius', it could be the reason why Mako-chan thinks she is unfeminine/masculine, and thinks that's why she should excel at feminine things like cooking and cleaning(a rather sexist viewpoint I think, but hey).
     So ends the astrology for now. I'll make updates. Anything to add? E-mail me.

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