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I admit I got this idea from Jen Wand's Top 100 SM Moments, and it inspired me. Admittedly, it IS only 50, but that's because I'm not sure Mako-chan has enough appearances for 51. However, if someone has an idea that I don't have down, please e-mail me. I have a little Japanese background(currently in 2nd year) and am always carrying around a Japanese-English dictionary, so most of this stuff is accurate enough(not exact, though). I had to do it, not only because Mako-chan is my favourite, but because she is the most underrated/underexposed senshi, and deserves a listing of her greatest moments...NE?

What I've Seen(so you know I'm not making this stuff up! ^_^:
     Entire first series(DIC'ed version) and Japanese 45-46
     Entire R Series(Dic'ed version)
     R movie(subbed)
     Entire S Series(unsubbed)
     S movie(subbed)
     First 25 episodes of Stars, and episode 200(unsubbed)
     I also read Hitoshi Doi-san's episode summaries, so I know a little about SuperS and the episodes of Stars I haven't seen

Well, on with the moments!

#50: Rainy Day Man

"A Knight to Remember"
So sweet...maybe one of the first times we can glimpse behind the tough girl, boy-crazy facade. Eventhough, I prefer the original to the dub, this scene never fails to get me. I cried at the pain Mako-chan/Lita had in this was SO real. *begins to sob just thinking about it*