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     Saoinji Rui(BSSM)-Saoinji Rui wa Osaka Naru no tomoudachi, kind      of like her onee-chan. She appears in the anime, as Nephrite's first      victim. Rui plays tennis very well; in fact, she is a star. She can beat      anyone. Nephrite chose her, because she uses so much energy on the      courts. He possessed her racket, so when she plays, and hits her      peak energy level, she turns into a weirdo youma(who turns      Sailormoon's body into a bouncing tennis ball). Rui is eventually saved,      by Sailormoon. I forget if Mercury and Mars came to help or not,      though. I'll have to watch the episode again. *shrugs* Oh well.

     Furuhata Unazuki(BSSM)-Furuhata Unazuki(Lizzie) is Furahata      Motoki(Andrew)'s little sister. She works as a waitress on the second      floor restaurant of the Crown Game Center. In one R episode, Usagi      saw Unazuki on the back of Mamoru's motorcycle, after he dumped      her, and thought that Unazuki was Mamoru's new girlfriend, but      Unazuki later explained that Mamoru was just giving her a ride. Later, in      Super S, Tiger Eye captures Unazuki for her dream mirror, but realizes      that she isn't the one with Elios inside of her, so he leaves her to die, but      the Senshi save her(no help from the Outers *raspberry*).

     Priss(BGC)-Priss is one of the Knight Sabers from Bubblegum Crisis.      She is also a singer, who Leon from AD Police gets interested in. In      Bubblegum Crash, the Knight Sabers almost break up because she gets      her big chance singing debut. Priss rides a red motorcycle that she      treasures, which turns into a bunch of different things at her command.      In the first one of the OAV series, Priss saves a little girl named Cynthia,      but she doesn't know Cynthia is a Boomer. She has almost the same      personality as Mako-chan, tough, outgoing, aloof to the people who      don't know her. Her hair is brown, with the sideburns thing going on. On      the cover of Bubblegum Crash, I almost mistook her for Mako-chan,      only with brown eyes, and contemplating on how I didn't know Mako      was in Bubblegum Crisis.

     Shiranui Mai(FF)Shiranui Mai from Fatal Fury. She has this tight a**      outfit, and is a martial artist. Mai is Andy Bogard's girlfriend. She has      brownish-reddish hair, that is always in a ponytail, and she has the      sideburns, too. Mai has HUGE talent *wink* that rivals      Mako-chan. I'm not sure Mako-chan could hold claim to being the one      with the most assets *grin*.
     Other Pictures:
     Mai Mai Mai Mai Mai Mai Mai Mai Mai Mai Mai

     Other Look-alikes:

     Blue Seed-Momiji Momiji

     Dokyusei-Misa Misa