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Stars Prologue

Click to download Mako-chan's prologueThe winds are calling out. All the trees are rustling. It foretells a storm. I always run to where I can hear the distant thunder. Pierce the darkness, call a storm, a green flash of lighting! I am Sailor Jupiter. I am the soldier of protection, and I carry the protection of the planet of thunder, Jupiter. I am the forests. I am the leaves of the trees. My heartbeat is the breath of the earth. I am the incarnation of the living earth and wind. However severe your sadness, please don't be afraid. I'll protect you. I'll brush it away with the storm of my life. I'll show you the beautiful morning light right beyond the storm, beyond the thunder. I want to show it to you. Doing that, I know you'll fill up with courage. On this planet, everybody lives with all their spirit, and power will fill in your heart. Storm, shout out! Thunder, roar! In the name of the earth that loves all life. Jupiter Crystal Power, Make Up! Jupiter Oak Evolution! I am the sailor-suited pretty soldier of love and courage, Sailor Jupiter. Kino Makoto!

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NOTE: Translation taken from Lyric Moon