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SailormoonR Monologue
Among all the trees, the sunlight filters through like falling rain. In the city, as well, the hearts of people go past sunset. When I went to my favorite green tree in the woods, and looked at the city, snow fell. When I feel the cold flakes of snow on my body, I become chilled to my heart. White sadness decorates the city. I want to be with the person I've separated from... "Kino Makoto." That's too boyish. Maybe I can't be more feminine. He said that with a smile when he left. My body may be boyish, but I'm really not. I told him that. But he wouldn't listen, and didn't hear my final words of parting. Please... I want to discuss love slowly. I want you to listen to my feelings. When I'm by myself on such a lonely night, I start wanting to cry. I have to wake up from my sweet dream soon, but... I'm drowning all by myself, but... I've fallen in love again with the person I met. My weak self is miserable. I can't become an adult.

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Note:Credit goes to Lyric Moon for this, and to Alex Grover for translating it. Don't sue me.