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"Look at may think you see who I really am...but you'll never know me...Everyday, it's as if I play a part..."

     -"Reflections" from Mulan

Click for Pic(ooh, I made a rhyme ^^)
Real Name: Paige(that's all you're getting from me)^^
Birthday: December 21
Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 5'5 or 5'6...something like that ^^
Blood Type: A positive
Fave Color: Dark green and royal purple
Hobbies: Writing, singing, soccer, ANIME, hanging/talking with                   friends
Fave Food: Yaki soba/Sushi
Least Fave Food: Coleslaw
Fave Subject: Drama and Japanese
Worst Subject: SCIENCE! *Gags* and History
Has Trouble With: Keeping my mouth shut when I should;                                Accepting criticism
Strong Point: Not afraid to speak my mind, but I won't waste my time replying to stupid comments
Dream: To be on Broadway, an accomplished writer, or a voice              actress...oh yeah, world domination ^^

Oh I love anime cause it's so delicious! Okay, so it doesn't exactly rhyme, but it's true! I love anime! Any anime(except DBZ and Ranma 1/2)! Especially Sailormoon, Shoujo Kakumei Utena, and Evangelion. I own lots of stuff, though not as much as I would like. I love conventions,(and NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE is going to see a picture of my Starfighter costume!) and costuming. Currently in the works is a Mistress 9 and a JunJun. Maybe sometime I'll costume as something from another anime! ^^ *thinks about it* NAH!

"YUCK! I should never kiss to kill time!"

     -Asuka from Evangelion

As amazing as it may seem, I DO have friends(NO!*faint*). Lesee, there's my two bestest bestest friends, Meimi-chan and Moni-chan! Meimi-chan is the anime freak best friend, and Moni-chan is, well, Moni is Moni. ^^ Then there's my drama class minus Albino Boy(Brandon Leake) and a couple others. Anna, Holly, Rachel, and Jason...just one big party, baby! Then there's all my Monterey pals. Lots of luv, minna-chan! Veronica-chan, Maria, Mia, Angela, Coco, Susan, Freddy(well, actually, he may just think I'm funny, simply because of my acidic tongue ^^), Scott, Marie, Gina, Nancy, etc. I luv ya'll!

"Laugh, and the world laughs with you; Weep, and you weep alone. For the sad old Earth must borrow its mirth, But has trouble enough of its own."

     -Solitude(first verse) by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

     What I like to do in my free time other than costume and watch/listen to^^. Well, I play soccer, not very well, but it is fun nonetheless. I also sing and dance, mainly sing. I have a relatively rich least according to my parents, and according to my teacher Ms. Toole, a very unique one at that. I guess that's a good thing, ne? I love to write and draw, but same as soccer. I'm really not that great. Come to think of it, I wonder if I really have any talent for what I do, but hey.

"The night has a thousand eyes, And the day but one; Yet the light of the bright world dies, With they dying sun. The mind has a thousand eyes, And the heart but one; Yet the light of a whole life dies, When love is done."

     The Night Has a Thousand Eyes by Francis William Bourdillon

Here are samples of my drawings, ALL mine, copyrighted by me, and none are traced from anywhere, etc. They are all freehand:

A picture of Utena done in pencil, then covered in blue ink. Kinda sloppy I know. It's drawn off the first video's cover, so the hands are kinda screwed.

This is Yuusou Takeshi from a SM fanfic I'm currently writing. I did something wrong but I'm not sure what, and the eyes are kind of CLAMP-y.
Yuusou Kaieko, Takeshi's little sister, also in my SM fanfic. Think I made her a little too smiley? Well, she's supposed to be! Until you read the sequel to the fanfic, when you find out that is very deep and troubled. Oh dang, I gave part of it away! ^^
     As soon as I finish the story it will be posted here, and hopefully at the Romance Archive. I know you all care. :p
     Well, that's all about me...For now...MWAHAHAHAHAHAA *ends up coughing like Chronos*! Oh go away, no one wants you here anyway! ^^

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